First Draft of Our Game

Our game revolves around street beggars and ‘parking helpers.’ Everyday all Egyptians encounter situations similar to the ones in the game causing a dilemma whether to give money to the one in need or not. We created this game to give the player some choices with different outcomes and realize how their voluntary contributions can actually help sometimes.


1 thought on “First Draft of Our Game

  1. Good start!!! I still like the aspect of your game that sometimes the beggar deserves the money and sometimes not– there are no signs, however, how to tell… perhaps you need to give a few other indicators like how they are dressed, how old they are, how clean they are, things like that? How can you tell if one of them is on drugs? (I don’t think I see one where there is a drug habit, or one where they turn violent or at least harassing for example).
    Btw, the links across slides do not always work. When I make a choice of A vs B, after I finish my choice, the “next” slide should not be the sequentially following slide, but a link to another slide with the next scenario.


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